Australia tech round-up - flexing fins, modified mirrors, & more

With teams having trialled various design solutions on their new cars over the course of pre-season testing, you are never quite sure what you are going to see when they arrive at the first round of the season.

28.03.17Sky Sports

Analysis: F1 overtaking crisis – Why listening to F1 drivers is bad for the racing

Although the Melbourne weekend was largely positive for Formula 1, it revealed one serious threat that hangs over the series this year, which is the problem with overtaking. Melbourne is not a typical race track and we need to see the cars on circuits like Shanghai and Bahrain, but already some things are painfully clear.


The game has changed: Analysis of the big decisions that shaped the F1 Australian Grand Prix

The first Grand Prix to new regulations and with wider, more robust tyres brought about a complete change of approach in race strategy. With stronger tyres Melbourne is a one-stop race and that was the case for most runners this season.


Martin Brundle: A positive start to F1 2017 but also negative concerns

Sky F1's Martin Brundle reviews the season-opening Australian GP & reflects on both the high points and a worrying lack of overtaking.

'Replace Kimi with Giovinazzi!', says ex-Scuderia boss

Antonio Giovinazzi's performance last weekend in Melbourne did not go unnoticed, with many pundits admitting to have been highly impressed with the young charger's talent and the result he achieved.

Webber: Alonso to sit the year out

There is the high possibility that Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, may opt to sit out the remainder of the 2017 season if the performance of his MCL32 car doesn't improve.


1. Austraalia
24-26. märts
2. Hiina
7-9. aprill
3. Bahrain
14-16. aprill
4. Venemaa
28-30. aprill
5. Hispaania
12-14. mai
6. Monaco
25-28. mai
7. Kanada
9-11. juuni
8. Aserbaidžaan
23-25. juuni
9. Austria
7-9. juuli
10. Suur-Britannia
14-16. juuli
11. Ungari
28-30. juuli
12. Belgia
25-27. august
13. Itaalia
1-3. september
14. Singapur
15-17. september
15. Malaisia
29. sept - 1. okt
16. Jaapan
6-8. oktoober
17. USA
20-22. oktoober
18. Mehhiko
27-29. oktoober
19. Brasiilia
10-12. november
20. Abu Dhabi
24-26. november
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