2021 engines can still excite without being V8s

Formula 1 can deliver engines that excite fans in the future without reintroducing V8 units, say leading figures involved in future rule discussions.

"Halo" could lead to autonomous F1 - Horner

As the halo is imposed on F1, Red Bull's Christian Horner suggests a quest for absolute safety by the FIA could ultimately lead to an autonomous F1.

12.08.17James Allen on F1

What is future for F1 as world moves towards ban on petrol cars?

This last month has seen some momentous shifts in the journey towards road cars becoming zero emissions and one can’t help but speculate what impact this is going to have in the long term on motorsport in general and F1 in particular.

Head-to-head - rating the teams and drivers at mid-season

With 11 races down and nine to go, we're already past the mid-way point of the season... and with the factories closed and teams dispersed for a mandatory two-week break, it’s the perfect time to take stock of the year so far.

11.08.17Sky Sports F1

Test your knowledge of the season so far

F1 2017 has served up plenty of drama but how closely have you been paying attention to the opening 11 races?


Honda finally at pre-season performance target

Honda has only just reached the level of engine performance it was hoping to see from the start of 2017 pre-season testing, according to F1 boss Yusuke Hasegawa.


1. Austraalia
24-26. märts
2. Hiina
7-9. aprill
3. Bahrain
14-16. aprill
4. Venemaa
28-30. aprill
5. Hispaania
12-14. mai
6. Monaco
25-28. mai
7. Kanada
9-11. juuni
8. Aserbaidžaan
23-25. juuni
9. Austria
7-9. juuli
10. Suur-Britannia
14-16. juuli
11. Ungari
28-30. juuli
12. Belgia
25-27. august
13. Itaalia
1-3. september
14. Singapur
15-17. september
15. Malaisia
29. sept - 1. okt
16. Jaapan
6-8. oktoober
17. USA
20-22. oktoober
18. Mehhiko
27-29. oktoober
19. Brasiilia
10-12. november
20. Abu Dhabi
24-26. november
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